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Green Nature - Erboristeria

Fireplace fire infused metal can 100g expiry 10/13/2026 Carpano

Fireplace fire infused metal can 100g expiry 10/13/2026 Carpano

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🔥 Immerse yourself in the enveloping atmosphere of the fireplace with Carpano's "Fireplace Fire" infusion, packaged in a 100g metal can! 🌋🍵

This exclusive blend offers a unique tasting experience, inspired by the warmth and magic of a crackling fire. 🏡🔥

The enveloping flavors of aromatic spices, cedarwood and subtle notes of vanilla blend in harmony, creating an infusion that captures the cozy essence of an evening by the fireplace. ☕✨

The metal can not only preserves the freshness of the ingredients, but also adds a rustic and elegant touch to your pantry. 🌌🎁

Prepare a cup of Carpano's "Fuoco del Caminetto" to envelop yourself in an embrace of warmth and comfort, perfect for quiet evenings or for sharing special moments with friends and family. 🌬️🌟


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