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Green Nature - Erboristeria

Black agate rune oracle set in velvet bag

Black agate rune oracle set in velvet bag

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25 runes in tumbled black agate
Black agate oracle stones are a tool of prediction (divination) and can be used as a meditation object or talisman. Black agate promotes concentration and analytical ability and helps to look at things objectively and from all angles. These properties make it an exceptionally useful stone for divination.

Runestones come from the tradition of the Germanic people, who lived in Northern European and Scandinavian areas. Runes were their system of communicating with the gods and making predictions about the future.

Each stone is engraved with a symbol that has a particular meaning. They are said to channel the sacred wisdom of the Norse gods. Nowadays runes are used as a divination tool, just like tarot or angel cards.


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