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Organic lemon and ginger herbal tea 15 neavita filters expiry 06/30/2024

Organic lemon and ginger herbal tea 15 neavita filters expiry 06/30/2024

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The combination of lemon and ginger in a herbal tea is a refreshing and lively choice for times when you want a delicious and relaxing drink. Our Neavita Lemon and Ginger Herbal Tea is organic, delicious and ready to enjoy in convenient filters.

Product Features:

  • Organic and Natural: This herbal tea is made with organic ingredients, which means it is free of pesticides and chemicals. Choose the best for your well-being.

  • Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 15 individually sealed filters, which maintain the freshness and quality of your ingredients.

  • Explosive Taste: Lemon gives the herbal tea a fresh and fruity flavour, while ginger adds a slightly spicy touch, creating a perfect balance between the flavours.

  • Aromatic and Revitalizing: This herbal tea is ideal for starting the day in a fresh and energetic way, or to regenerate during a moment of relaxation.

  • Health Benefits: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, while ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. A perfect combination for your general well-being.

  • Recommended Uses:

    • Energizing Breakfast: Start the day with a cup of this herbal tea for a boost of natural energy.

    • Healthy Digestion: After a heavy meal, a cup of lemon-ginger herbal tea can aid digestion.

    • Moment of Relaxation: Enjoy it at any time you want a moment of relaxation and regeneration.

    • Discover the fresh and lively taste of Neavita Organic Lemon and Ginger Herbal Tea and let yourself be carried away by its fragrance and vitality. Order now to enjoy an organic herbal tea that will help you maintain a feeling of well-being and freshness every day.


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